24 de mayo de 2007

Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros 1968 (Hard rock, funk and blues)


1.-When You Say You're Sorry
2.-Same Old Way
3.-Apricot Brandy
4.-That Time of the Year
5.-You're My Girl (I Don't Want to Discuss It)
6.-I Need Love
7.-I've Been There
9.-Along Comes Tomorrow
10.-I Will Serenade You

Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros 1968

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Anónimo dijo...

Muchsa Gracias!For this album , May I have request : Do You have their 2nd. album 'Satin Chickens';I've serchin' for a long time .... Thanx again...
James Lee from Taiwan

Eliahu dijo...

yes i have album satin chikens up in sunday ok...


ge dijo...

I had this since original vinyl--and saw them live! in Alexandria Virginia, and it was one of the best live bands ever heard! Billy Mundi is a drummer's drummer, a distinctive timekeeping genius! + those double funk hot scritchy guitars, organ, killer white soul voice= masterpiece, their strongest album, one of Rothchild's crowning jewels of production [[an original fine demo version of these songs is rumored to exist, not unlike the Butterfield lost tape that did get released. There is a big Rhino. fansite, google it...]]

GREAT BLOG HERE!! [[1960s rule]]

Anónimo dijo...

El nombre de la disquera que distribuye éste disco lo dice todo "Collectors' Choice Music"
Gracias por tu blog lleno de imposibles.