22 de julio de 2007

Stonewall - Stoner 1974

El álbum homónimo de esta banda norteamericana apareció en 1974, y tanto el disco como la banda se perdieron en las brumas del tiempo. El vinilo se hizo prácticamente imposible de localizar, pero no hace mucho se reeditó bajo el nombre de Stoner.

Stonewall - Stoner 1974

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Anónimo dijo...

A real beauty!

Anónimo dijo...

Great Album!Thanks

micksguitar dijo...

great post. thanx mick.

The Jorgy dijo...

Now, this is a hard rock psychedelic album. In the same vein of Alice Cooper (the band). Full with blasting guitars. The vocalist sings in shrill and antagonistic vocal, recalls me of Dave Mustaine. I bet, Dave have heard this album before…

“Right On” is a southern hard rock opener. “Solitude” is a ballad rock mode with hard rock solo. “Bloody Mary” pours heaviness in the sake of psychedelic rock, thriven with harmonica solo that recalls me of Grand Funk. “Outer Spaced” is a very hard rock song with its rhythm-driven thing. “Try & See It Through” is a standard psych rock. “Atlantis” is good, a stoner tunes with heavy psychedelic solo. The album closed with “Suite a) I'd Rather Be Blind b) Roll Over Rover”; hard rock in more prog tendency, attractive and improvised, I guess this is the best song.

7 tracks in 31 minutes.