15 de octubre de 2007

Thunderpussy - Documents of Captivity 1973 (hard prog)

This is the work of a hard rock/progressive trio from Quincy in South Illinois. The album came with a lyric sheet and originals are sought-after. Morris later embarked on a solo career.
Nice (occasionally) hard-rockin prog stuff with lotsa harmonies (guitar and vocals both) that should appeal to fans of Wishbone Ash or King's X. Production is excellent, surpriisingly enough for a self-pressed recording of this vintage, yer basic power trio augmented by tinges of flute, acoustic guitar, percussibles and supposedly synthesizer, tho I'll be darned if I can hear any. Too bad about the extended flute bits: The most boring instrument in existence, an instrument which only Eric Dolphy and Roland Kirk and hardly anyone else ever could coax semi-captivating sounds out of, has no business being on a hard rock LP! (Damn you, Ian Anderson!) Couldn't they have compromised and just borrowed an unpredictable Mellotron?
Oh, yeah: song titles are utterly baffling, with each of the six tracks or "documents" ("Document Of Enigma", "Document Of Latent Summation", etc.) endowed with TWO titles; one for the "song" part of the song ("Scream Inside" and "Observation Of Us" being a couple); and, just like on the Black Sabbath and King Crimson LPs these guys no doubt hoarded, a seperate title for the "Instrumentation" (such as "The Battle", "The Pursuit" and - no shit - "The Then" !) A total of 18 titles for 6 songs. Madness - and don't even ask me about the lyrics.
With a cover that looks like it should be on a cheesy early/mid 80¡¦s metal band¡¦s album rather than a progressive rock lp, this Illinois trio released an lp that is as remote (about a thousand officially pressed) as it is valuable, and is a strange bird to boot. It hasn¡¦t spent much time in my stereo, and whether it¡¦s any good depends on how progressive you like your rock. If anything, Thunderpussy have many fond moments.
The album isn¡¦t at all contrived and is quite experimental at times, and really doesn¡¦t pack the wallop I was hoping for, but is quite the endeavor nonetheless. I have also just learned that it is a concept lp (apparently about a poem). Their titles are off-kilter, having seemingly three parts to every song, most of which travel beyond the five-minute mark, but that¡¦s progressive rock for ya. Piano, acoustics, harmonized vocals, flute, and I believe even triangle are rudiments to the cause, and most of them can be heard on initial track ¡§Document of Enigma/Scream Inside Instrumentation/Eden to Now¡¨ (what¡¦d I tell ya). All verses are harmonized with scrubbed mid-high tones and sometimes the guitar pitch sounds like it had been mistakenly sped up during the recording. This seamlessly leads into ¡§Document of Validation/Observation of Us Instrumentation/The Slave and the Duke¡¨, and you wouldn¡¦t even know it was a new song if the track number hadn¡¦t changed. In spurts, the accelerator is leaned on a bit more in this track and very Jethro Tull-ish flute flourishes toot through. Or does that happen in track three? ¡§Documents of Inquiry/To Be Real Instrumentation/The Curious Child¡¨ and ¡§Document of Security/Moonlight Ladies Instrumentation/The Pursuit¡¨ are two of the best with lots of appealing rhythms shifting from dynamic and heavy to subtle and delicate. ¡§Documents of Latent Summation/In the Forest Instrumentation/The Then¡¨ interludes with serene acoustics, then outbreaks with some of the lp¡¦s most bombastic moments. That does it for the original lp, but like usual we have bonus tracks for the disc. ¡§Stone Free¡¨ and the overlong ¡§Eleanor Rigby¡¨ (which I have on an odd yellow octagonal record) are obviously covers, while ¡§Warriors¡¨ is the recipient of a strong, roaming riff and the acoustic n¡¦ flute introed ¡§Lucifer¡¨ saunters along similarly with a few more lengthier solos.
What¡¦s great about reviewing music is that you have to (or should) listen with a heavier ear to pick out nuances and possible hidden influences. Ten tracks later, I¡¦ve found this lp to be even more durable than before, and I don¡¦t think too many people into progressive rock will be disappointed.
Legit reissue of the lone album from 1973 by this Illinois progressive psych band, long a staple of the collecto-scumbag private pressing universe (previously booted on LP). A beautifully dated suite of songs with deep, poetic musings on the nature of good vs. evil, class inequalities and other meaningless subjects, this mixes fragile acoustic interludes with classic guitar heaviness, traditional prog-rock time craziness and general higher elevation musical themes. Idiotic, and enthusiastically so (beware the new & ugly fantasy-cringe cover art).

01 - Document of enigma _ scream inside02 - Document of validation _ observation of us03 - Document of extrinsic value _ Luficer04 - Document of inquiry _ to be real05 - Document of security _ moonlight ladies06 - Document of latent summation _ in the forest07 - Warriors (Live bonus track)08 - Stone free (Live bonus track)09 - Lucifer (Live bonus track)10 - Eleanor Rigby (Live bonus track)

!Thanks James Lee!

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For me a good Album.Thanks

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court cobain dijo...

could you re-upload?
the album's been removed. :(

bangin ass blog btw. i'm loving it.

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great music!
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calisoulbrother records
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