28 de diciembre de 2007

Cressida - Asylum 1972

3.-Goodbye Post Office Tower Goodbye
7.-Summer Weekend of a Lifetime
8.-Let Them Come When They Will

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Anónimo dijo...

Very good, loved Keyboards.
- It's a nice place - Thanks -

Mark_UK dijo...

A Nice Blog With Some Real Stylish Music. This Band cressida Is Original, I Like It. Thanks!

The Jorgy dijo...

Symphonic prog rock with some orchestra sound and jazzy act. “Asylum” is an energetic attraction as an opening song with glamorous organ drooling, the best song. In “Munich”, the band brings in some orchestrations to fill more symphonic mood and to lessen energy, trapped in Moody Blues progression, but with a bluesy rock solo organ. While “Goodbye Post Office Tower” is a jazzy psych, “Survivor” is horned-reff filler and “Reprived” is a jazz instrumental; three songs to be ignored. “Lisa” is a mixed emotion of classical and psychedelic; reminiscence of Pell Mell. Overall, this album is somewhere between Pell Mell and Spring, comprises of 8 tracks in 40 minutes.

db dijo...

great music!
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