4 de junio de 2007

By request: Rhinoceros - Satin Chickens 1969

1.-Satin doll
2.-Monkee man
3.-Find my hand
4.-Top of the ladder
5.-Sugar foot rad
6.-don´t come cryng
8.-it´s the same thing
9.-in a little room
10.-fank butt
11.-back door

Rhinoceros - Satin Chickens 1969

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Anónimo dijo...

Very Thanx for this request posting.
James Lee from Taiwan

Anónimo dijo...

Hola Eliahu :
This is my first time try to upload something for rewards, I've uploaded an album "Gypsy - ST 1970 US" w/ reviews from Fuzz Acid & Flowers n' cover ,The links http://sharebee.com/3b86ac39 .I do wish you could paste it on your page. Thanx

James Lee from Taiwan