5 de junio de 2007

Gypsy - Gypsy 1970

Formed in 1964, this quintet began as a Minneapolis-based pop band called The UNDERBEATS. They eventually relocated to Los Angeles and, changing their name to GYPSY, began pursuing a heavier, more complex sound, blending SANTANA-like guitar and organ riffs with vocals and arrangements reminiscent of early CHICAGO. They released two excellent albums on a small label in the early 70’s then switched to RCA who (it is said) pushed the band in a more commercial direction. Consequently, they lost their progressive edge and the subsequent two releases are no more than a collection of average, mid-70’s radio-friendly pop.

1. Gypsy Queen Part I (4:21)
2. Gypsy Queen Part II (2:33)
3. Man of Reason (2:59)
4. Dream If You Can (2:48)
5. Late December (4:12)
6. The Third Eye (4:55)
7. Decisions (8:16)
8. I Was So Young (4:00)
9. Here In My Loneliness (3:10)
10. More Time (5:35)
11. The Vision (7:30)
12. Dead and Gone (11:07)
13. Tomorrow Is The Last To Be Heard (5:48)

Thanks a james lee!....

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Anónimo dijo...

Hola Eliahu :
Otro album "Spring Fever - Woodstock 1970 Canada" were uploaded !Please Link To Your Pages También...Gracias! The Down Link's http://sharebee.com/98f35b9e
James Lee From Tw.

Eliahu dijo...

thanks james lee...


Anónimo dijo...

Thank you VERY much for posting this one. I've been looking for years for it.

Edson d'Aquino dijo...

Thanks Eliahu and James Lee for post this gem. I love this record and 'In The Garden'.
Big hugs,
Edson d'Aquino (Brazil)

Anónimo dijo...

Gypsy's debut is just a double LP of radio-friendly commercial rock, which not quite popular indeed. Not particularly hard rock, not significantly prog rock, not also a blues rock, and not even close to heavy rock fiesta. Just an average polished pop rock.

Gypsy's second In The Garden (1971) is another polished ear-friendly rock with Latin and funk touch. Musically, their sophomore is better than debut, but still inessential nor interesting.

Both albums contents 20 songs in 1 hour 44 minutes.

Anónimo dijo...

Links dead...