22 de abril de 2007

Amon Düül II - Live in London 1973

1 . Archangels thunderbird (3:07)
2. Eye shaking king (6:24)
3. Soap shop rock (7:42)
4. Improvisation (3:40)
5. Syntelman's march of the roaring seventies: (8:08)
a) Pull down your mask
b) Prayer to the silence
c) Telephonecomplex
6. Restless skylight-Transistor Child-Landing in a ditch (8:42)
a) Dehypnotized toothpaste
b) A short trip at the
c) Transylvanian brain surgery
7. Race from here to your ears: (5:06)
a) Little tornados
b) Riding on a cloud
c) Paralized paradise

3 comentarios:

space88 dijo...

Hello my Friend Again a great Upload.This one from Amon Düükl iis very nice

Anónimo dijo...

Have had the vinyl for years..
But not played it in many moons...

great live album.... love Improvisation.....

Many THANKS for you Mighty efforts on this Mighty blog....

baboon from the other dimensionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Anónimo dijo...

Great blog.Nice to see ADII on a blog.I have this already but it's great to see other people like my favorite band.Machina (USA)