30 de julio de 2007

Corpus - Creation a Child 1971 (rare Psych hard rock)

4.-Creation a child
5.-Just a man
6.-We cant make it, luv
7.-Not mine
8.-Where is she
9.-Mythical dream

Corpus - Creation a Child 1971

It's A Beautiful Day - Choice Quality Stuff / Any Time (1972)

1. Creed of Love (3:38)
2. Bye Bye Baby (3:20)
3. The Grand Camel Suite (2:47)
4. No Word for Glad (3:03)
5. Lady Love (2:46)
6. Words (2:56)
7. Place of Dreams (3:01)
8. Oranges and Apples (2:24)
9. Anytime (3:35)
10. Bitter Wine (3:01)
11. Misery Loves Company (2:51)

!Gracias Juan!

Leviathan - Forgotten Jewels 1969

01 - Time
02 - Children Of Tomorrow
03 - My White Bicycle
04 - Times To Remember
05 - Second Production
06 - The World In My Heart
07 - Flames
08 - Shades Of Autumn
09 - Blue Day
10 - Time (Alternate Version)
11 - The War Machine12 - Evil Woman

Thanks James Lee

Maitreya Kali - Apache (1971) & Inca (1972)

25 de julio de 2007

Blackfeather - At the Mountains of Madness 1971 (hard prog rock)

Blackfeather's "At The Mountains of Madness" es uno de los discos con verdadero hard rock que ha tenido Australia do los 60 y 70´s una verdadera joya, guitarras tremendas solo hay que oir el tema Mangos theme part 2 y ni se diga la voz y ritmos, con toques psychy y prog. Un disco totalemente para los amantes del Hard Rock Prog...

1.-At the Mountains of Madness
2.-On This Day That I Die
3.-Seasons of Change Part 1
4.-Mango's Theme Part 2
5.-Long Legged Lovely
6.-The Rat (Suite)
- Main Title (The Rat)
- The Trap
- Spanish Blues
- Blazwaorden (Land of Dreams)
- Finale (The Rat)

Blackfeather - At the Mountains of Madness 1971

24 de julio de 2007

Gomorrha - Trauma 1971 (krautrock)

5.-Dead Land
8.-Dance of Circles

Javier Batiz - Coming Home 1969

1.-Try it one time
2.-Let my give my love to you
4.-it´s done and gone
5.-Why do you do me
6.-Getting throug
7.-I wont ever
8.-Down broken hearted
9.-I´m not the one
10.-Coming home

Javier Batiz - Coming Home 1969

Spring - Spring 1971

1 Prisoner (Eight by Ten)
2 Grail
3 Boats
4 Shipwrecked Soldier
5 Golden Fleece
6 Inside Out
7 Song To Absent Friends (The Island)
8 Gazing
9 Fool's Gold
10 Hendre Mews
11 Word Full of Whispers

A Foot In Coldwater - A Second Foot In Coldwater 1973

1.-On the Wind
2.-Yalla Yae
3.-Deep Freeze
4.-(Make Me Do)Anything You Want
5.-Who Can Stop Us Now
6.-Alone Together
7.-Fallen Man
8.-In Heat

A Foot In Coldwater - A Second Foot In Coldwater 1973

Ladies W.C. - ST 1969 (psychedelic)

1. People
2. I Can't See Straight
3. To Walk On Water
4. Heaven's Coming Up
5. And Everywhere I See The Shadow Of That Life
6. Searching For A Meeting Place
7. Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It
8. Time Of Hope Is Gone, The
9. W.C. Blues
10. I'm Gonna Be

Ladies W.C. - ST 1969

23 de julio de 2007

22 de julio de 2007

Vanity Fare - Early In The Morning 1970

1. Early In The Morning
2. In My Lonely Room
3. Music, Music, Music
4. Man Child
5. I Live For The Sun
6. Hitchin' A Ride
7. Highway Of Dreams
8. (I Remember) Summer Morning
9. Four Strong Winds
10. You Made Me Love You
11. Hey Baby

Muchas Gracias James lee por este disco....

Vanity Fare - Early In The Morning 1970

The Flock - The Flock 1969

3.-I am the Tall Tree
4.-Tired of Waiting
5.-Store Bought-Store Thought

!Gracias Juan!

Stonewall - Stoner 1974

El álbum homónimo de esta banda norteamericana apareció en 1974, y tanto el disco como la banda se perdieron en las brumas del tiempo. El vinilo se hizo prácticamente imposible de localizar, pero no hace mucho se reeditó bajo el nombre de Stoner.

Stonewall - Stoner 1974

Redbone - Wovoka 1973

2.-Sweet Lady of Love
3.-Someday a Good Song
4.-Liquid Truth
5.-Come and Get Your Love
6.-Day to Day Life (Chant Wovoka)
7.-Clouds in My Sunshine
8.-23rd and Mad

Redbone - Wovoka 1973

14 de julio de 2007

Dream - Get Dreamy 1967 (Psychedelic)

1.-Green Things (From Outer Space)
2.-Emptiness Gone
3.-Ain`t no Use
5.-I`m Counting on You
6.-Night of the Lonely Organist and His Mysterious Pals
8.-You`re Right About Me
9.-Hey Jimmi
10.-Do You Dream

Dream - Get Dreamy 1967

Purple image - Purple Image 1970 (Psych)

1.- Living in the getto
4.-We got to pull together
5.-what you do to me
6.-Whey you do me
7.-Marching to a different drummer

Purple image - Purple Image 1970

Jefferson Starship - Earth 1978

1.-Love Too Good
2.-Count on Me
3.-Take Your Time
4.-Crazy Feelin'
7.-Show Yourself
9.-All Nite Long

Gracias a james por los cuatro albums de Jefferson Starship.

Jefferson Starship - Red Octopus 1975

1.-Fast Buck Freddie
3.-Git Fiddler
4.-Al Garimasû (There Is Love)
5.-Sweeter Than Honey
6.-Play on Love
8.-I Want to See Another World
10.-There Will Be Love

Morning Glory - Two Suns Worth 1968

Albatross - Albatross 1975 (prog rock)

1.-One 12:30
2 .-Two 10:29
3 .-Three 10:08

Albatross - Albatross 1975

Rare Bird - Rare Bird 1969

01. Beautiful Scarlet
02. Sympathy
03. Nature's Fruit
04. Bird On A Wing
05. God Of War
06. Iceberg
07. Times
08. You Went Away
09. Melanie

Rare Bird - Rare Bird 1969

10 de julio de 2007

Wool - Wool 1969

1.- love, love, love, love
2.- combination of the two
3.- they left us alone now
4.- kingdom come
5.- like you anymore
6.- way that you want mw
7.- such a lovely night
8.- boy with the green eyes
9.- walk

Wool - Wool 1969

Jefferson Starship - Spitfire 1975

2.-Dance With the Dragon
3.-Hot Water
4.-St. Charles
5.-Song to the Sun
a) Ozymandias
b) Don't Let It Rain
6.-With Your Love
8.-Big City
9.-Love Lovely Love

Sietecuero - Rojo sangre 1978

1- Vida Moderna/Noche
2- Arrabalera
3- No Asimilo
4- Rojo Sangre y Negro
5- Trataré
6- El Rostro de La Calle
7- Chanchullo

Sietecuero - Rojo sangre 1978

7 de julio de 2007

King Crimson - The Live Experience

Pandemonium - Live at Plumpton Festival, August 9th, 1969
Lament - Concertbouw, Amsterdam, Holland, November 23rd, 1973

!Gracias Juan!

Jefferson Starship - Dragon Fly 1974

1.-Ride The Tiger
2.-That's For Sure
3.-Be Young You
5.-Devils Den
6.-Come To Life
7.-All Fly Away

2 de julio de 2007

Group 1850 - Live on Tour (1976 Netherlands)

Gracias de nuevo a James Lee

Paul Kantner, Grace Slick and David Frieberg - Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun 1973

1.-Ballad of the Chrome Nun
3.-Flowers of the Night
5.-Your Mind Has Left Your Body
6.-Across the Board
7.-Harp Tree Lament
8.-White Boy (Transcaucasian Airmachine Blues)
10.-Sketches of China