1 de abril de 2007

Flied egg - Good bye 1973 (hard rock prog)

Aqui les dejo esto de Flied Egg con un mezcla de rock progresivo y hard rock, todo totalmente en directo, el sonido del album es malo con poca calidad....aahh pero no importa en total es un grupo realmente buenisimo solo oyendo ese tema ¨Rolling down the broadway¨ u ¨Out to the Sea¨ unos temasos de los mejor!.

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Barmaleyy dijo...

If the Amon Duul 2 - Live in Munich's cover is still necessary to you - here link to front cover:
Sorry, bad quality.

Anónimo dijo...

Flied Egg. I seem to remember someone mentioning this band to me many years ago and to be honest I thought the name was awful. So yet again, I missed this gem.

What a wonderful album. I really enjoyed this from the start to the finish. No bullshit hard 70's rock with the little blues touches here and there. The quality of the recording is also dam good as well.

If you're a little like me (when I was younger) and get put off of bands with dodgy names...DON'T 'cos your bound to miss out on something that's real good...such as 'Flied Egg'. Grab this while you can, it's seriously worth it.