6 de mayo de 2007

Ashra - Correlations 1979 (Krautrock)

1. Ice Train (7:40)

2. Club Cannibal (5:24)

3. Oasis (3:46)

4. Bamboo Sands (5:40)

5. Morgana da Capo (5:29)

6. Pas de Trois (8:58)

7. Phantasus (5:11)

Ashra - Correlations 1979

3 comentarios:

Bilek dijo...

I don't speak spanish, so I'll have to write in english...

The link is removed, so reupload the Correlations album, please. I'm looking for this album for a long time, but I couldn't find elsewhere :(
I have a fairly good collection of Tempel, Ashra and Manuel Göttsching, I can upload anything in return!
Thanks in advance!

Eliahu dijo...

hey you now download again!


Bilek dijo...

thanks indeed. Actually a friend, who previously managed to DL had sent me, but this is even better... I DL this too ;)

Great album... keep up the good work (waiting for more Ashra's!!)