20 de mayo de 2007

Ekseption - Beggar Julias Time Trip 1970

1. Ouverture (3:22)
2. Prologue (2:21)
3. Julia (2:21)
4. Flying power (0:31)
5. Adagio (3:45)
6. Space I (0:44)
7. Italian concerto (4:59)
8. Concerto (3:52)
9. Space II (0:26)
10. Pop giant (3:54)
11. Space III (0:22)
12. Feelings (3:09)
13. Epilogue (0:57)
14. Finale (3:55)
(a) Music for mind (b) Theme Julia

Ekseption - Beggar Julias Time Trip 1970

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Anónimo dijo...

I agree to call this classical. Maybe I agree to call this progressive. But no, saying this as a rock is not in my book. There’s no guitar or any distorted sounds, lack of wild organ performing and no frenzy rhythm assault. For me, this is just a neo-classical recital in band format. Will someone tell me why this album is categorized into rock circle?

Good tracks: “Italian Concert”, “Pop Giant” and “Feelings”.

I once bought an Ekseption live album titled “Live in Germany”, and I disappointed to hear it. Then, I wonder, if the band played awfully on the live cd, how about their studio album performs? Hearing this, I find my answer.

This 14 tracks in 34 minutes album is a good addition for those who like classical stuff or to lighten up a day after overloaded work.