25 de julio de 2007

Blackfeather - At the Mountains of Madness 1971 (hard prog rock)

Blackfeather's "At The Mountains of Madness" es uno de los discos con verdadero hard rock que ha tenido Australia do los 60 y 70´s una verdadera joya, guitarras tremendas solo hay que oir el tema Mangos theme part 2 y ni se diga la voz y ritmos, con toques psychy y prog. Un disco totalemente para los amantes del Hard Rock Prog...

1.-At the Mountains of Madness
2.-On This Day That I Die
3.-Seasons of Change Part 1
4.-Mango's Theme Part 2
5.-Long Legged Lovely
6.-The Rat (Suite)
- Main Title (The Rat)
- The Trap
- Spanish Blues
- Blazwaorden (Land of Dreams)
- Finale (The Rat)

Blackfeather - At the Mountains of Madness 1971

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Anónimo dijo...


Having this excellent album since more than 30 years I was surprised and enthusiastic when i heard the two bonus tracks (especially the cover version of the Rolling Stones "Gimme shelter"). You really made my day! Thanks again very much for Your great blog.

Best wishes from Germany


Anónimo dijo...

Un diez por este album,y muchas gracias.mex d.f