30 de julio de 2007

Leviathan - Forgotten Jewels 1969

01 - Time
02 - Children Of Tomorrow
03 - My White Bicycle
04 - Times To Remember
05 - Second Production
06 - The World In My Heart
07 - Flames
08 - Shades Of Autumn
09 - Blue Day
10 - Time (Alternate Version)
11 - The War Machine12 - Evil Woman

Thanks James Lee

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi Man,
I like your blog. Leviathan is a per Album but what a pity t i on MONO an not Stereo.
BBA Zizou France

Anónimo dijo...

it's not even proper mono, it's only in the right channel! please re-rip this if at all possible.

micksguitar dijo...

great post. thanx mick.

M dijo...

Way Cool Psych with progressive structures and crude sound

Love it


Anónimo dijo...

Bad link!!!!!!!