8 de agosto de 2007

Buzzsaw - From Lemon Drops to Acid Rock!(69~71) 1995 (acid rock, hard rock)

1. Saturn Is Just Few Days Away
2. Death Calls
3. Don't Listen To Sam
4. U.S. Chick
5. Roll Your Green Grass On
6. In The Country
7. The Sun Just Came Up On The Other Side
8. I'll Be Wanting You
9. Won't You Miss Her When She's Gone
10. Gotta Be Rock N' Roll
11. I Really Like To Blow Your Mind
12. Such A Nice Morning
13. Saturn Jam
14. Walkin' Thru A Rainbow

Thanks james lee!!!!

4 comentarios:

Residentevil2 dijo...

Thanks alot for the last half dozen wonderful posts.

micksguitar dijo...

great post. amazing lp. thanx mick.

space88 dijo...

Yes,a big Thanks to James Lee.Great forgoten Sounds!

Anónimo dijo...

A hippie folk rock with fuzz guitar and a bit garage attitude. Many songs remind me of early psych folk of Grateful Dead and couple reminds me of Jimi Hendrix Experience. Nothing special. The only good cut is fuzzy folk rock “Saturn is Just Few Days Away” with Hendrix-like solo.

Comprises 14 tracks in 49 minutes.