24 de octubre de 2007

Lazarus - Lazarus 1970

01.You've Got To Get Ahead (Raymond Cichon - Tony Bertollotti) 3:00
02.Faces of Tomorrow (Raymond Cichon) 3:15
03.Desire (Raymond Cichon) 2:20
04.Once Again (Thomas Bombaci - Ronald Stablini) 3:15
05.Stay with Me (Steve McNicol) 2:50
06.Back In the City (Raymond Cichon) 2:05
07.Shades of Winter (Raymond Cichon) 2:35
08.I'll Get To You (Raymond Cichon) 3:05
09.In the Beginning (Raymond Cichon) 2:55
10.Message To the People (Raymond Cichon) 3:50
11.Molly (Raymond Cichon) 2:55

!Thanks James LEe!

Lazarus - Lazarus 1970

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Anónimo dijo...

hi impossible with megaploud ok thanks

Carlos Eduardo dijo...

iam brazilian people sorry my english is bad your blog is the best but lazarus with megaploud is dificult and bad ok good luck eduardo share is the best please out megaploud

Anónimo dijo...

Alt. limk:


Lazarus - Lazarus 1970 US.rar Size: 58.35 MB

James Lee

Anónimo dijo...

Had no problem with Mega, under a minute to download. Bought this album in 1970, played it once and got rid of it. Will be interesting to see if my inital thoughts remain the same.

Unknown dijo...

Thats my father, Thomas Bombaci, on vocals on all the tracks except one. Thanks for the DL. I made .wav files of all the tracks years ago but lost them in a HD crash

Anónimo dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

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Grapher dijo...

Link is dead..(((
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