14 de noviembre de 2007

Goliath - Hot Rock & Thunder 1972 (progresive rock)

Un disco increible, algunos temas regulares pero Silver Girl, Apocalypse son increibles o con tan solo escuchar el final de Dead drunk screaming parece que oigo a Rob Halford.

1.-We´re not afraid
2.-Tell me you´re satisfied
3.-Dead drunk screaming
4.-Hot rock and thunder
6.-Silver girl

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Anónimo dijo...

Olá Sr. Eliahu,

No me gustas pedir reposts. Mas me gustaria mucho se Usted pudesse hacer el repost de People.


Carlos - Sao Paulo - Brasil

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you very much for this one.
A good album.

Your blog is great.


Eliahu dijo...

Hola carlos, quieres que suba de nuevo el disco de ¨People - CeremonyBuddha; Meet Rock 1971¨?

Por que el link todavia sigue en funcion!!


Anónimo dijo...

Good hard rock album with hints of prog rock and southern boogie guts. Imagine, when early Allman Brothers or Molly Hatchet meets early Journey or Styx, in solid hard rock virtue and fronted by soulful 70s heavy metal vocalist. I like it. Almost, every song has its own color; I rarely feel any boredom throughout this album of 7 tracks in 34 minutes. Opens with couple of hard rock southern-tinged “We’re Not Afraid”, and “Tell Me Your Satisfied” that reminds me of Salty Dog’s “Spoonful” cover, then a bluesy hard rock “Dead Drunk Screamin” somehow screams like Rob Halford. Of course, they got southern rock repertoire “Hot Rock and Thunder” and prog rock stock “Apocalypse” to complete the scene. Closed with hard rocker “Silver Girl” and power ballad “Ordinary Guy”. Recommended!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi, this disk is incredible, but YOUR BLOG is incredible .Thanks so much for it, for the great job, for all those information, and for the "spirit" who live here .
You also have opened my mind whith all i have discovered here .
Noel from Belgium .