13 de enero de 2008

Alamo - Alamo 1971 (hard rock)

1.-Got to Find Another Way
2.-Soft and Gentle
3.-World We Seek
4.-Question Raised
5.-Bensome Changes
6.-All new People
7.-Get the Feelin'
8.-Happiness Is Free

Alamo - Alamo 1971

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thanks eliahu.

its great album.

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thank you for the posts... there are times saw in your blog a disk of Touch and the comments that I read to respect were good. you please could put him in the sharebee/zshare


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hello, great site man, we started a psych blog a couple of months ago and was wondering if you wanna swap links, :)

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Heavy rock act that sounds in American way, especially the vocal. The album spreads between Bloodrock and Mountain music. Not quite a busy drummer, but good bluesy rock rhythm. Most of the songs are in happy mood. The good tracks: “The World We Seek” with solo organ opener, segues to driving-rock “Question Raised” the best song of the album that really connects me with Bloodrock, and the fastest beat song “Get The Feeling” features short duel organ-guitar – though not impressive enough, yet good. The album comprises 8 tracks in 38 minutes.

nice blog, thx...

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Man,please, the link is over... :(

Congratulations for your hard job.


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