15 de junio de 2008

Scorpions - Taken by Force 1977

  1. "Steamrock Fever"
  2. "We'll Burn the Sky"
  3. "I've Got to Be Free"
  4. "Riot of Your Time"
  5. "The Sails of Charon"
  6. "Your Light"
  7. "He's a Woman – She's a Man"
  8. "Born to Touch Your Feelings"
  9. "Suspender Love"
  10. "Polar Nights"

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Mondenkind dijo...

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Tomás Cabado dijo...

habra por algun lugar algo de King Crimson?

Stepping Stone dijo...

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Roadrunner dijo...
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Anónimo dijo...

hey there, i'm searching for Magic Carpet - Magic Carpet (1971).
is there any chance to get this album?

Eliahu dijo...


De king Crimson no tengo idea en donde pero yo me imagino que en los demas blogs si deve de haber.

Stepping stone

Thanks, Great Radio Program


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