21 de agosto de 2008

By Request: Big Sleep - Bluebell Wood 1971

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Por favor puedes resubir el disco de pajaro alberto?

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some background to this lp [from alexgitlin.com]:
“Bluebell Wood” represents a brief stepping stone between the Eyes Of Blue and several other groups who feature in Man's history. Big Sleep was the name chosen in an attempt by Mercury's UK A&R chief Lou Reizner to revitalise the Eyes Of Blue, but the group never performed live under the new name and folded within months of its release. Of the players in this short-lived project, Phil Ryan would quickly join Pete Brown's Piblokto! for a few months before teaming up with Clive John and forming the abortive Iowerth Pritchard and The Neutrons. Phil's next step was to join Man. John 'Pugwash' Weathers would follow Gary Pickford-Hopkins into Wild Turkey and then join Graham Bond's Organisation before Gentle Giant beckoned. Weathers would eventually become Man's longest-serving drummer, taking the stool between 1983 and 1995.

"Bluebell Wood" is an accomplished album although the quirky nature of the production does sometimes fail to integrate the music into a seamless whole. Sombre in overall feel, Phil Ryan described it in 1976 as "the most miserable LP - it makes Lou Reed look like the Bay City Rollers!"