21 de febrero de 2007

Dust - Dust 1971 (Heavy rock)

UN trío duro de Heavy Rock que ahora es un leyenda de los 70´s. Solo sacaria dos albums este seria el priemero que lo titularian Dust sacado por la etiqueta kama sutra records, un album totalemente Heavy Rock, con la energía del Kenny Aaronson (quién se encendería jugar con Rick Derringer y Foghat), el baterista Marc Bell (quién toco y se encendió más adelante tocar en Voidoids y Richard Hells y que fue mas adelante Marky Ramone) y el guitarrista Richie Wise (quién produciría más adelante los álbumes para el famosisimo James Brown y el Eddie y the Cruisers soundtrack) cortó sus tajadas en esto y su segundo álbum subsecuente.


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Thank you for this fine rip in best 320 quality :-)

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Another power trio in heavy rock bluesy stoner approach. Their two albums are probably must heard, blow of gutsy heavy rock with this and that prog rock improvisations, in the vein of early Stray, Wildfire and T2, or in commonly Grand Funk Railroad in not too American tongue, yet crisp psych rock vocal, and upgraded into hard rocker vocal on their second album.

Dust’s self-titled album features southern rockarolla “Stone Woman” with Texas bluesy slide guitar slinger, straightforward bluesy hard rock “Chasin’ Ladies”, southern slow psych “Goin Easy”, early melodic metal with prog tendency “Love Me Hard” is a very Stray one. They also play a doom rock ala Sabbath called “From A Dry Camel” with its almost 10 minutes lapse, doomy yet aggressive in the middle with long solo. Also, an uninspiring forgotten psych rock “Often Shadow Felt”. The album closed with instrumental track “Loose Goose” that is somewhat an attractive rockabilly joke, fast and swampy.

The second album “Hard Attack” is more or less in a same field like the debut But when things get heavier, some gets lighter. Guitarist Ricthie Wise was too much performing with acoustic guitar and some mellow parts, about half of the entire tracks. Though musically, the songs are cool stuff, dynamic and a bit prog accompanied by harder vocal. But, you could perceive these guys anger in music as 6-minute “Learn to Die” aggressive beat and emotional melodic vocal in doomy lyrics; yes it is a highlight of the album, or perhaps two of Dust’s best song ever written besides “From A Dry Camel”. I also call “All in All” is the heaviest drum pounding in this album, way to go Marc. The beat goes on, as short instrumental frenzy “Ivory” strikes with its constant thrashing rhythm, make me wanna say “hell yeah!” Finally, it closed with “Suicide”, a heavy metallish with unusual drum rhythm. Mission accomplished!

After the disband, drummer Marc Bell turns to join NY punk band Ramones as Marky Ramone.

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