11 de agosto de 2007

Steve Hillage - Fish Rising 1975 (progressive rock)

1.-Solar Musick Suite:

a)SunSong (I Love Its Holy Mystery)
b)Canterbury Sunrise
c)Hiram Aftaglid Meets the Dervish
d)Sunsong (Reprise)
3.-Meditation of the Snake

1.-The Salmon Song:
a)Salmon Pool
b)Solomon's Atlantis Salmon
c)Swimming With the Salmon
d)King of the Fishes
a)SunMoon Surfing
b)The Big Wave & the Boat of Hermes
c)The Silver Ladder
d)Astral Meadows
e)The Lafta Yoga Song
g)The Golden Vibe/Outglid

!Gracias Juan!

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Anónimo dijo...

yeah thanks for this.

Black acid its a greta!

Anónimo dijo...

thanks desde peru buena musica!